About Piedmont Veterinary Service in Keene, VA

Dr. Chris Grover acquired the practice in 1990 and four years later Dr. Karen Degiorgis joined him, opening the clinic in Keene in 1994. Dr. Cori Lewis joined the practice in 2000.
Hospital Policies:
We do require that all dogs and cats that come to us have a current rabies vaccine. It is the law and protects our staff in the event of a bite.
We require that all animals admitted to the hospital also have a current distemper or distemper/parvo vaccine given by a veterinarian. This is to protect both your pet from exposure while here, and to protect other pets that might be exposed to yours.
Veterinary Examining Dog — Animal Hospital in Keen, VA

Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Chris Grover — Animal Hospital in Keen, VA
Dr. Chris Grover
Dr. Cori Lewis — Animal Hospital in Keen, VA
Dr. Cori Lewis
Dr. Karen Degiorgis — Animal Hospital in Keen, VA
Dr. Karen Degiorgis